This is a testimonial for the Smuggler Strata 520. As a skipper with over 10 years in the industry  I think I am more than qualified to offer a professional review of the Smuggler we are currently using onboard as a tender. This is our workhorse, it collects and drops off guests, it is constantly in use whether it be a fishing or diving trip or perhaps towing a wakeboarder or ski biscuit.

The Strata 520 is a stable platform in all the above activities, but it is when the wind starts to blow that the real pedigree of this little boat comes into it’s own.

The hull cuts through a chop so well and it always amazes me at how dry the boat remains. Time after time I return from a run in our Smuggler and remark “I love this little boat”.  I have been on so may boats over the years and I really enjoy finding the little gems like this. The boat is  so well balanced and gives you confidence when the weather turns for the worse.

Beautifully finished and with quality fittings and workmanship I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others. I have no doubt our little Smuggler will continue to serve us  well  for years to come.

I would also like to thank David and Logan for their recent after sale service. Going the extra mile and a willingness to help just another reason to choose a Smuggler.

Richard Taylor 
Offshore Master, Master 500T

Happy new year to you both, Great boat, launch and retrieve in 18 inches of water, ballast system no problem in estuary when turned off. Can’t compare to old boat as performance is another level, holds on like you can’t imagine.

5-7 divers plus kids every day, loves nose up with dive gear down the back, very dry boat. 50 mph easy, all other systems have worked really well, no issues. Anchor is great, no problems at all.

It’s a lucky boat too, caught heaps of big crays this year. So as you can gather I am a very happy camper.


Dear David, Pauline and the team at Smuggler Marine,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the owners and crew of “Janice of Wyoming” just to say thank you for a job well done building our new Tender.

We have just finished our trip up to Tonga and we could not be happier with the performance of the new tender. It has been a real treat for the owners to be able to cruise around without getting wet or feeling like they need to go to a Chiropractor from the pounding as they had with the previous Tender.

Best Regards
Chris Wilson

Dear Pauline & David

All good on the ‘Vent d’ Est’.

The tender is running sweet – my guys are respecting it and maintaining engine accordingly. We use it a lot for wake boarding and dive soirees , so good power and fuel range have been important.

Well good news is we would like to order another for the next project. This will be a couple of years down the road but you have proved your company can supply ‘Super yacht’ market.

Best for now

Hi Pauline How are you?

Trust and hope things are going well.

The two tenders have been fantastic this season thank you.